Aug 9, 2015

This Blog Has Moved...

Hey, you...

...if you're looking for this blog, it's on Tumblr now:


Feb 10, 2014


Once upon a time - long, long ago - I created a comic.
This comic circulated all throughout my high school, amongst the nerd gentry.
As the creation occurred in my most bloodthirsty, volatile youth, most of the pages were destroyed one day - when a fire fueled by all-consuming self-loathing kindled a pitch-black fit of perfectionist rage.
Nevertheless, these few pages survive to this day - scanned into an archive unbeknownst to me for quite some time. These pages are all that remain of said manic, absurdist comic, and today, for what it's worth, I will share them with the world.
The world that reads my blog, anyway.

(p.s. - the comic is called Kyuujotai)

Aug 11, 2013

Pandemonium Reigns

I know, you've been wondering what I've been up to lately. No art? No updates? What happened to Imogen?
I also know that the 'you' to whom I'm referring doesn't exist, except as a figment of my imagination.
No one notices, and no one cares. "City life, bitches," cries the whole of the Silicon Valley economy.

It's cool, though, whatevs. This is what I've been up to (I am gesturing at the GIFs below and to the left). At least that's what I can tell you for now.
I had a dream of, one day, organizing my blogs tidily so that there was a place for every facet of my public self; I was riding that SEO/social media bandwagon straight to five-star VIP of Productionland. I had a dream of being a self-professed "graphic design ninja" who "dreams in pixels," but then, all of the sudden, I recognized that these so-called dreams were the nothing but the excretions of corporate bacteria who, in their haste to feed and reproduce at a competitive speed, metabolized the dreams of youth in a quick but toxic manner, filling me with their carboxylic acid-like processed dreams. :\

So now, I'm studying everything of interest as I pay the bills to my greatest capacity, imagining that someday this expanse of esoteric medical/sociopolitical/design/programming knowledge will be applicable to a niche occupation tailored just to my passions, and a Master's or PhD may persuade people that I am a good candidate for employment. I am, perhaps foolishly, following my heart, by developing my mind.

When I graduate, I may have achieved a holistic, modern understanding of human physiology, the ability to help a person/organism cling to life, to create animate sprites of average quality, comprehend calculus, to build circuitboards, brew kombucha, and contemplate quantum mechanics at an intermediate level.

If this is such a world that I can't just absorb physics lectures to my heart's content and find some sort of work, then it's not a world that I wish to participate in...